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Network 2080 will show you the keys to building a profitable InterNetWorkSelling business and how to:

  • Network your products and services for success via Business Networking, Network Marketing & Social Media Networking
  • Design and build a successful website capture page
  • Find keywords and phrases for Search Engines
  • Easily apply methods and techniques for building web traffic
  • Convert more and more visitors into buyers on AutoPilot 24/7
  • Plus much, much more!
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Posted by Clancy

Based on the 2080 principle, that 80% of profit comes from 20% of activity, the 2080 Group sources products and services from leading edge network companies, that either educate, save money, make money, improve health, and help the environment.

Customers can quickly identify the benefits and buy the products and services, either traditionally or online.

They then recommend them to their friends, cutting out the 80% of ineffective and expensive activities of prospecting, advertising, employees, stocks, premises, distribution, providing credit and chasing debts.


Over 600,000 customers have joined Utility Warehouse already and thousands more are joining us every month. Our services are guaranteed to save you money.

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2080health & well being

The story of Forever Living Products begins with one man and an ambitious dream. For years, Rex Maughan had been searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in his life: better health and financial freedom.

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Brilliant, affordable, user controlled websites for small businesses! Mobile Friendly - Tablet Friendly - Google Friendly!

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First Friday and 4Networking will enable you to make new contacts and find work, advertise your services worldwide, get help and advice, meet at networking events.

4Networking is designed to accomodate any level or degree of experience from complete beginner to industry veteran.

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