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As people we are all different with respect to our mental and physical characteristics. Tall, short, fat, thin, some worry, others don't, some healthy, others not, some happy disposition, others less so! We all have one thing in common and that relates to time. We all have the same twenty-four hours in any one day and we all are on this earth for a finite amount of time. It is how we use that time that determines our quality of life.

From the day we are born it gallops past. The first fifteen to twenty years we are being educated. For the next forty to fifty years, in the majority of cases, someone else employs us. During this forty to fifty year period this someone else determines our value and we spend many hours of each twenty-four to obtain what this someone else thinks we are worth. The balance of that time is spent recharging our energy cells (sleeping) so that we can go back to work (providing value for someone else).

The reality being that very little time is spent doing things that we really enjoy, because we either do not have the time, or do not have the money (unless you are prepared to get into debt).

We then come to the final years when we are no longer of value to someone else and we retire (if we are lucky), or are made redundant (if we are not). In this phase we have lots more time, but unless we have put money to one side when we were employed we may not have money available to spend that time on things we enjoy.

We are all here for a finite amount of time and we can do very little to influence that but we can influence how much we enjoy ourselves in the time we have got.


The American way of approaching everyone they know about a networking business works because Americans believe they deserve to be successful given the right opportunity.

English people believe that they dont deserve to be successful; if they became so it would be because they had participated in something illicit. This is why they see Network Marketing as a form of illegal Pyramid Selling.

The English think, however, that it must be OK if they follow someone who they regard as already successful in a traditional role as that successful person has status in our society.

The English approach to networking should therefore be through association with successful people. Successful English people are open minded to new ideas, particularly business opportunities that will increase their success.


You will need the credibility of an experienced Networker to explain the business so you need to get them together, preferably ( but not critically) with you as well.

The English class system is deeply ingrained in our subconscious. 80% of English people think they can only be successful if the higher middle and upper class approve of how they achieved their financial success. Even that is not enough for some look at Jeffery Archer and Mick Jagger

There are fortunately 20% of English people who have educated themselves out of class thinking. These people will be attracted to you anyway so you do not need to proactively approach them but you can if you know them well enough. You will still need the credibility of an experienced Networker to explain the business.


The key to success in life is for you to build more and better relationships so that you become more known and respected by a greater circle of people. And you do this deliberately and consciously, selecting the people and organisations you want to be associated with and by then throwing your whole heart into making a valuable contribution to those people and organisations.

Human beings always seek to follow the line of least resistance. And the line of least resistance in human relationships is to recommend and do business with the people we already know, like and trust.

Your job is to build up the widest possible NETWORK of influential contacts as you move through life. The more people you know and who know you in a positive way, the more likely it is that you will know the right person at the right time, for the right reason, and for the right opportunity.

You will have possibility after possibility of expanding and improving every aspect of your life.

When you reach the top of your field by gaining the respect and esteem of all the people around you it will be because you had a goal and a plan, not luck.


CLANCY's LAW - Attitude

The world is full of people setting goals; thousands will be going on diets, giving up smoking, and getting fit.The number of people who actually achieve their objective is very small. Why? Simply because the most important factor is overlooked and therefore neglected- that of conditioning the attitude of mind as well as the body. The success rate could be completely reversed, there could be thousands of people achieving their goals, if only they developed a positive attitude.

Too many people think of security rather than opportunity. They remain content in their own familiar and secure world; and all the time that state persists they will never present themselves with the opportunity to live their dream. The person who gains success is the person who steps outside their cocoon and makes more opportunities than the ones that are offered.

Too many people feed their ego instead of their life and their dreams. They have a fear of being seen as a failure, and yet failure is only a step to success. The experience of failure is a prerequisite to obtaining success, without failure there is no measure of success.

Too many people expect their goals and dreams to be achieved without effort - you sow in tears and reap in joy. And too many people allow their beliefs to be influenced by negatives. Negatives are a fact of life, they are out there in their thousands hunting you down, but if you give negatives anyspace they will grow and consume all you are striving for.There is a lot of truth about rotten apples, place one in a barrel full of good apples and the rot will turn the others very quickly. Negatives can undermine your beliefs far quicker than you can build them, so don't listen to them and don't allow them anywhere near your lives. Success only comes to those who maintain a positive attitude.

So ask yourself whether you make opportunities or wait for them to come along. Do you allow your ego to interfere with your dreams? Are you prepared to make an effort? Do you give any space to negatives? If you are truthful with yourself, the chances are you are allowing these factors to control your life. And that would be sad, because in this fast changing world, where the media attempts to govern your thoughts and the Government attempts to govern your life, there is only you and your attitude to stand up for your beliefs and your dreams.

Print a copy of this and whenever things are not going the way you would like (and you can guarantee there will be many times) then read it again to remind you of the dream stealers lurking around every corner intent on destroying your dreams by attacking your positive attitude.

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